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     My name is Drew Barrett. I live in Saint Augustine, Florida with my beautiful wife, Shara, and my son, Wyatt. I come from a long line of hunters and woodsmen. My family and I have hunted all types of large and small game, but I've fallen in love with hunting wild hogs.


     The rush of not knowing what I'll encounter when I get to the bay is what keeps me hooked. I thoroughly enjoy my time in the woods watching my dogs do what they love to do, what they're bred to do....hunt wild hogs.


     However, like any good hog hunter will tell you, fun times can quickly turn to tragedy when a big boar with razor sharp teeth decides he wants to fight. My dogs are there to protect me, so I am going to do my best to protect them.


     I lost a great catch dog years ago because of a cheap vest. A big boar was able to cut right through the material and fatally wound my dog. After that, I was determined to provide better protection for my dogs so I began making my own cut gear.


     I absolutely trust my gear to protect my dogs and I promise you can trust it to protect your dogs too. My family and I look forward to doing business with you and we want to thank you for choosing Swamp Dawg Cut Gear.



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