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"Thanks for the high quality collar can't wait to get the catch vest next."

Alex B.

“I just wanted to let you know that your products live up to their reputation. Colton caught a boar with 2 inch cutters that stuck straight out and were pointed like an ice pick. The vest suffered 2 cuts and 2 puncture holes that went clean thru the vest. Vudu suffered only a small wound behind her right shoulder. Had she not had the vest on she would have been killed. The vest took the blunt of the blow and the design and layers kept the tusk from doing major damage. Just ordered another vest in the heavy-duty series!!!! Excellent products. Keep up the good work. Also, your ordering process is simple and shipping is very prompt.”

Jay from Mt Vernon, Texas

"Heres some photos of my dogs wearing your gear that fits perfect and seems to be holding up great. No cuts or tears in the collars and the stitching and material is good quality and holding together great. You got a good product going on for a reasonable price."
Joe from Middleburg, Florida
"This was a bar I caught and released a week after getting your vest, not quite as big as the boar I sent you a picture of but still had nice teeth. My bulldog had him caught for at least 30 minutes before I could get there and not a mark on him and the vest doesn't have a cut on it (it still looks almost new) I'm very impressed and if I ever need another one I hope you are still making them."
Adam from Panama City, Florida
"Got the vest and had him out in it, seems A-ok to me mate so cheers ! Will be in touch in the near future for more."
Craig from New Zealand
"Thank you for the cutvest it fits good I sent you a picture of it on my dog and I will call you back in a few months to try and come up there and go on one of your hog hunts!"
Alex from Sebring, Florida
"I wanted to let you know I received the vest today. It fit like a glove. I will definitely refer the people looking for a vest to you. Did you say u put 2 layers of kevlar in this vest? Can't believe how light weight it is."
Brian from Kissimmee, Florida
"I love them they have kept my dogs from getting cut up here. Lately we've been catching a few. ....thanks for making such a good product. ...I will be ordering another vest here soon thanks again bud."
William from Axson, Georgia


"Took Austin's dog and my puppy to the woods sunday morning... caught a hog 170 lbs with 3 7/8" teeth. Austins dog got cut from under his shoulder all the way up to his chin. The hogs tooth skid right over the cut collar. I was pretty impressed."
Bennett from Indiantown, Florida
"The vest was cut 7 times with no poke throughs. The only cuts on the dog were where the vest didn't cover. Needless to say, my buddy will be ordering a vest from you soon. I handed out business cards to interested hunters and I hope that you will be getting calls. Thank you."
 "This is one of the Tennessee monsters we caught the other day. All pits had Swamp Dawg Cut Vests on. No dogs cut !!!"
Thomas from Tennessee


"This one fought with some nasty cutters, but not a single scratch on my pit in pink! Thanks for the vest!"
Alex B.



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